Leonardo Bello

"In these times of skyrocketing medical costs, there remains a ray of hope for those in need. Only one doctor provides life-saving surgery free of charge... This is Wish Come True: Miracle Surgery!"

Wish Come True: Miracle Surgery is a popular television programme that appears in Trauma Center: New Blood. Hosted by Guy Davidson and starring Leonardo Bello, the programme allows for people who are unable to afford usual surgeries to receive medical care. The surgery is fully subsidised, in exchange for the patient agreeing for the entire procedure to be broadcast on television.

In the events of New Blood, Leonardo begins complaining about Caduceus receiving a sizeable amount of the government's annual budget, and begins claiming that this amount would be better off spent on healthcare for the needy, rather than research. His claims had infuriated some staff at Caduceus, and Markus Vaughn and Valerie Blaylock are sent to appear on the show in order to prove Leo wrong, with the condition that if they succeed in doing so, the show would be cancelled.

After a successful operation on the show, Markus and Valerie are challenged by Leonardo to operate on two patients with the same condition. Despite the Caduceus doctors working valiantly, it was revealed that Leonardo possessed the Healing Touch, allowing him to fully treat the patient in record time, winning the challenge.

Some time later, Leonardo began treating another patient on the show, believed to possess ulcers on the small intestine. This, however, is Ops, the third strain of Stigma, and even with his Healing Touch, Leonardo is unable to keep up with it. Markus and Valerie promptly make their way to the scene just as Leonardo tires out from the use of his Healing Touch, and treat the new Stigma. With the defeat of Ops, Valerie announces to the audience Caduceus's efforts in eliminating intractable diseases like Stigma, and what their doctors have been doing. Following that, the show got taken off the air.