Victor Niguel
Occupation Researcher
Alias Victor
Japanese Name Shuya Aragaki (新垣修也)
Age 25 (SO) 26 (UTK) 29 (UTK2)
Eyes Steel
Family None mentioned
Friends Derek Stiles
Affiliates Caduceus USA
"I'd say you have one main objective: Do everything I tell you to do."

Victor Niguel is the head of Research and Development for Caduceus USA in Trauma Center: Under The Knife, Second Opinion, and Under The Knife 2.



Victor has short, rather messy hair. He consistently has a bored or angry expression, with bags under his eyes. He is always seen with his arms crossed, and he never smiles. He wears a standard Caduceus outfit.


He has a pompous and rude attitude, calling most of the people around him idiots. Victor has a tendency to curse during operations when he sees incompetence or when something goes wrong. He appears to want to get credit for everything, though this may be because he desires to figure out every situation as quickly as possible. Victor is very easily angered when disrupted during his research, such as when he yells at Derek to shut up in 2-2 of Under the Knife 2.


  • He is voiced by Spike Spencer.
  • It is implied that Victor may have been responsible for creating the GUILT and Stigma simulations in the fourth challenge of Trauma Center: New Blood, partially due to Derek saying "that guy never changes," as well as mentioning that they were made by Caduceus Japan's research director.

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