• A231

    Essentially, in 6-5 of Second Opinion Kimishima says that Derek can operate on a Contagious GUILT patient because he previousley had GUILT (if you don't remember, he had PARASKEVI AND KYRIAKI), so he was able to operate a PEMPTI patient without getting infected. (Kimishima would probably get infected if she operated, that's another reason to let you operate as Derek)

    But then how did Emilio die in UtK2? He was infected with GUILT, so he had the antibodies, and so he couldn't get even INFECTED by kyriaki, but still, he got infected and died afterwards.

    So, how did he die????

    I think they fucked up something a lot, even if this couldn't change A LOT the plot, still Emilio wouldn't die and Derek wouldn't lose faith in the first place.

    If you read…

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