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==Disc 2==
==Disc 2==
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The soundtrack cover.

The HOSPITAL. Six Doctors Original Soundtrack is the official soundtrack for the game Trauma Team. It was published by 5pb. Records on September 23rd 2010. The soundtrack was composed by Atsushi Kitajoh, Ryota Kouzuka, and partially by Shoji Meguro.

Disc 1Edit

Track Number Track Name Occurance Unofficial Name
1-01 A Rose Main menu theme. Main Theme
1-02 Prologue

Background music for Sleeping in Bloom

Sleeping in Bloom
1-03 Fragment Episode selection theme Episode Selection (T.T. Ver.)
1-04 Dark & Cold CR-S01's main theme. Plays during The Masked Prisoner. The Masked Prisoner
1-05 The Suspect Plays in Frozen in Time and Seeking Atonement. Seeking Atonement
1-06 Conference A Plays during most Conferences. Conference ~ Standard Procedure
1-07 Power of Spirit Plays during standard Surgery missions. Surgery ~ Code Blue (T.T. Ver.)
1-08 Peaceful Days Plays after Moment of Zen. Moment of Zen
1-09 Brave Blade Plays when CR-S01 enters the O.R. in Waking From Terror. A Savior
1-10 Red Zone Plays during emergency Surgery missions. Surgery ~ Struggle for Life
1-11 Guns and Knives Plays when the helicopter rises up after Gabriel fakes suicide. Blade of Resolve
1-12 Regret Plays during most sad scenes, most prominent when Naomi listens to Rosalia's last recording. Unfulfilled Life
1-13 How's it going? Dr. Cunningham Gabriel Cunningham's main theme. Plays when RONI is first booted up. Gabe and RONI
1-14 Anyway, Let's begin the diagnosis Plays when questioning a patient. Diagnosis ~ Face to Face
1-15 Light and Shadow Plays in the Examination Room in Diagnosis. Diagnosis ~ Imagery and Scans
1-16 Good Doctor Plays when compiling a diagnosis in Gabe's Office. Diagnosis ~ Mind and Machine
1-17 Bad Presentiment Plays when a serious ailment is discovered. Diagnosis ~ Mysterious Ailment
1-18 Sense of Helplessness Plays during sad events. Most prominent when Gabe destroys his office during a breakdown. What Kind of Father Am I?/ Crisis of Faith
1-19 Depression Plays when Hank Freebird gets rid of his Captain Eagle outfit. A Hero's Limits
1-20 Eagle Hank Freebird's main theme. Unused. Hank Freebird [Unused]
1-21 Lonely Girl Plays during sad events. Most prominent when Maria remember her orphanage. Mournful Memories
1-22 Hero's Back Plays during Captain Eagle events. Captain Eagle!
1-23 Calm down! Plays during comical events. Exasperation
1-24 Daily Life Plays during casual events. In the soundtrack, the xylophone plays earlier. Resurgam First Care
1-25 Rock Solid Plays during standard orthopedic procedures. Orthopedics ~ Working a Marvel (Extended)
1-26 Lazy Daily Life Plays during casual events. Alternate version. Routine
1-27 Firm Ground Plays during other orthopedic procedures. Orthopedics ~ Skill and Strength (Extended)
1-28 Sweet Moment, Sweet Taste Plays during most character endings. A Brighter Day
1-29 Tachibana-ga-Musume Tomoe Tachibana's main theme. Plays in her opening scenes. Tachibana Dynasty
1-30 Is this a date? Plays during most mall events. On the Town

Tachibana-ryu Naishikyoujutsu -ichi-

Plays during standard endoscopic procedures. Endoscopy ~ Seeking Within, Cavernous Treatment, Darkened Path, Maze of Spirit
1-32 Sumiyaka-na-Shochi Plays during emergency endoscopic procedures. Endoscopy ~ Father's Blood
1-33 Cold Sweat Plays during Resolution. Resolution
1-34 Tachibana-ryu Naishikyoujutsu -ni- Plays during standard endoscopic procedures. Endoscopy ~ Path of Honor -Ended-, -Determined-, -Smooth-, -Tense-
1-35 Ikemasen!! Plays during emergency endoscopic procedures. Most prominent in The Healing Warrior. Endoscopy ~ Desperate Search
1-36 Daughter and Father Plays in Tomoe's ending. Unknown Future
1-37 Operation Start Begin Operation stinger. Let's Begin The Operation!
1-38 Operation Failed Operation Failed stinger. Operation Failed...
1-39 Heartbroken... Unused. Game Over [Unused]
1-40 Operation Success Operation Successful stinger. The Patient is Saved!
1-41 That's my skill!! Results screen theme. Results (T.T. Ver.)

Disc 2Edit

Track Number Track Name Occurance Unofficial Name
2-01 Rock'n'MARIA

Maria Torres' main theme. Plays in her opening scene.

2-02 Tense Situation Plays during emergency scenes. Emergency
2-03 Conference B Plays during emergency conferences. Conference ~ Emergency Procedure
2-04 Sense of Mission Plays during standard emergencies (Foul Mood and Maximum Annoyance) First Response ~ Hero's Resolve
2-05 Life-or-Death Crisis Plays during tense emergencies (Mournful Hero and Desperate Rescue) First Response ~ Critical Moments
2-06 Impatience Plays during late-game emergency scenes. Impossible Situation
2-07 One Disaster After Another Plays during intense emergencies (Hesitant Spirit and So Begins Death) First Response ~ Desperate Rescue
2-08 Corpse Whisperer Naomi Kimishima's main theme. In the soundtrack, the theme is very different. The Corpse Whisperer/ Naomi Kimishima's Theme
2-09 Cool Beauty Plays in Naomi's office. Forensics ~ On The Job
2-10 Blue Examination Plays when Naomi is performing an autopsy on the victim. Forensics ~ Dying Messages
2-11 Crime Scene Plays when Naomi is at the scene of the crime. Forensics ~ At The Scene
2-12 Mysterious Ring Plays when evidence turns into Solid Evidence, among other incidents when Naomi uncovers the truth. Forensics ~ Unraveled Truth
2-13 Soul Scream Plays when Alyssa gets caught in a bomb explosion. In the soundtrack, the track is edited with much of the beginning edited. Moment of Crisis
2-14 Voices of the Dead Plays when Naomi listens to the words of the dead. Forensics ~ Final Words
2-15 Uncover the Truth Plays during the concluding scenes of the Forensics missions. Forensics ~ The Dead Shall Speak
2-16 Fragments of Fate Remix of Fragment. Not to be mistaken for the unused Episode Select theme. N/A
2-17 Nightmare Plays when the Police Officer bleeds out in So Begins Death. In the official version, the part after the buildup is deleted. So Begins Death
2-18 Glimpse of Fear Plays during Samuel Trumbull's diagnosis in Proud One, as well as Shelly Brooks's in Moving Heart. Diagnosis ~ Rosalia's Bloom
2-19 Sartor (Sartre) Plays when CR-S01 regains his memories in Stolen Memories. Stolen Memories
2-20 Political Decision Plays when Portland is thrown into quarantine. Necessary Sacrifice
2-21 Tremble Plays during Rosalia Virus related cutscenes. Quarantine
2-22 Pandemic Plays during Desperate Rescue and Missing Girl. First Response ~ Rosalia's Thorns
2-23 Countdown Plays during the event at the start of Despair and Time For Rejoicing. Despair
2-24 Pieces of Rosalia Plays during Rosalia orthopedic operations: Love in the Ground, Spreading Infection (?), and Friends. Orthopedics ~ Rosalia's Stem
2-25 Rosalia Virus Plays during intense cutscenes. In the soundtrack, this version is missing the electric guitar. Determination
2-26 Monarch Plays when the trail of monarch butterflies leads Naomi, Maria and Holden to Rosalia's resting place. Rosalia
2-27 Asclepias Plays during events that are related to Rosalia's past: Missing Girl, Friends, Carpet of Blue Death, etc. Lost Rosalia
2-28 Spread of Rosalia Plays during Rosalia endoscopic operations: Chloe's Change, Despair, Time For Rejoicing. Endoscopy ~ Rosalia's Petals
2-29 Little Rose Plays when the pandemic is over at the end of Time For Rejoicing. A more lighthearted version of Sartor/Stolen Memories. Time for Rejoicing
2-30 Be the one Plays during the final boss conference, only if you don't skip the cutscene. If you do, it's replaced by Conference A/Standard Procedure. Conference ~ Life Will Continue
2-31 The Bloody Rose Final boss theme. Surgery ~ Twisted Rosalia
2-32 Lights of Life Plays when Naomi's heart is stopped. Piano version of Vulnerability from Second Opinion. In the soundtrack, the track is slightly edited with the piano's left hand cut out. Surgery ~ Rosalia's GUILT
2-33 Epilogue Plays during the epilogue, The Seventh Doctor. Hopeful Future
2-34 Gonna Be Here Credits theme. Sung by Benjamin Franklin. Gonna Be Here
2-35 ごなび~ひあ Bonus track. 8-Bit remix of Gonna Be Here. N/A

Tracks missing from the official OST:

  • Orthopedics ~ Skill and Strength
  • Orthopedics ~ Working A Marvel
  • Forenscis ~ The Last Game
  • Forensics ~ Forgotten Mystery [Unused]
  • Blazing Darkness
  • BONUS ~ Wii Menu Theme
  • Doctor's Duty
  • Episode Selection ~ Main Theme Mix [Unused]
  • Eureka Moment
  • Fighting Back
  • Hero and Villain
  • Hopeful Future
  • Main Theme ~ Another Mix
  • Raging Bomber
  • Waking Heart
  • Warrior's Struggle
  • Whatever It Takes