Transplanting a liver in Under the Knife 2.

A transplant is where an organ is taken from a donor to be used as a replacement for the patient's organs. Transplant operations are rare occurrences in the Trauma Center games, and are usually one of the few occasions where the vitals cap can actually go up mid-operation.


The procedure for an organ transplant is as follows:

  • The organ is positioned in the body.
  • The vasoconstrictor (often depicted by the black vial) is injected into one of the vessels. Injecting enough vasoconstrictor will result in an incision line appearing.
  • Then, an incision must be made along that line with the scalpel, and the resulting blood pool drained.
  • The correct blood vessel must then be pulled straight to the incision with the forceps before the player can suture the vessels together.
  • All this must be done before the vasoconstrictor wears off, otherwise the procedure needs to be repeated. These steps are then used to attach the organ to the remaining blood vessels.


  • Liver transplants require the treatment of the vessels in this order: vein, portal vein, artery, and bile duct. Fortunately, all of these vessels are distinctly coloured, and the assisting nurse/doctor would prompt you on which vessel is which colour.
  • With each vessel successfully sutured, the patient's vital cap would increase. Take the opportunity to raise vitals to the new cap before resuming work on the next vessel.

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