"Kenneth said they used human subjects in their research. In order to culture the GUILT samples effectively, they needed young tissue. ...Children." -Robert Hoffman

The Sinners were used to create the archetypes of GUILT.

Unnamed boy Immature Kyriaki and Mature Kyriaki
Unnamed boy Deftera
Unnamed girl Triti
Unnamed boy Mature Tetarti
Emilio Juarez Pempti
Unnamed girl Paraskevi
Unnamed boy Immature Savato, Blue Savato and Savato
Heinrich von Raitenau Mutated B Tetarti
Karl Immature Kyriaki, Mature Kyriaki and Queen Kyriaki
Christine Mutated Pempti
Adam Bliss

UtK2 SinnersEdit

Nous, Sige, Bythos, and AletheiaEdit

While no Sinners for Nous, Sige, Bythos and Aletheia have been shown, it is possible that Reina Mayuzumi is an Aletheia Sinner, since she was the only one infected with it. However, it is possible that they don't have Sinners, as the Neo-GUILT were created separately from the original GUILT made by Delphi.


Judging from the letters received by Derek and Angie at the end of Under the Knife, the Sinners for the initial seven strains of GUILT could be of the following nationalities:

  • British
  • German
  • French
  • Chinese
  • Mexican (Emilio)
  • Russian
  • Italian

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