Sidney Kasal

Sidney Kasal
Sidney SO
Occupation Chief of Caduceus USA/Japan
Alias None
Japanese Name Sōji Kutsukake (沓掛宗)
Age 35 (Under the Knife and Second Opinion)
38 (Under the Knife 2)
Eyes Brown
Family Greg Kasal (older brother)
Cybil Myers (sister-in-law)
Kari (niece)
Unnamed wife [Deceased]
Friends Derek Stiles
Angie Thompson
Victor Niguel
Tyler Chase
Leslie Sears
Robert Hoffman
Affiliates Caduceus

Sidney is the younger identical twin brother of Greg Kasal. He is the Chief of Caduceus USA/Japan. He devoted his life to the study of clinical medicine after the death of his wife. He rarely shows emotion. Like his brother Greg he can stay calm during situations. He appears in Under the Knife, Second Opinion and Under the Knife 2. In Under the Knife 2 his uniform is a different colour. In Under the Knife/Second Opinion he wears a navy suit, with a white dress shirt and a red tie with yellow and black stripes. He has black hair, hazel eyes and wears glasses.