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|image = Sandra_Lieberman_-_The_Crazy_Raging_Bomber.jpg
|image = Sandra_Lieberman_-_The_Crazy_Raging_Bomber.jpg
|name = Sandra Lieberman
|name = Sandra Lieberman
|alias = The Raging Bomber (レイジング・ボマー) The Revolutionary (革命的な)
|alias = The Raging Bomber (レイジング・ボマー) The Revolutionary (革命)
|occupation = Terrorist
|occupation = Terrorist
|japanese = サンドラ・リーバーマン
|japanese = サンドラ・リーバーマン

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Sandra Lieberman
Sandra Lieberman - The Crazy Raging Bomber
Occupation Terrorist
Alias The Raging Bomber (レイジング・ボマー) The Revolutionary (革命者)
Japanese Name サンドラ・リーバーマン
Age 30 (Deceased)
Eyes Yellow
Affiliates Stephen Eldred

Sandra Lieberman is an antagonist in one of Naomi Kimishima's scenarios in Trauma Team. She utilizes college student Stephen Eldred (who goes by the alias of The Revolutionary) to make anonymous bomb threats to various famous people. Then, by dying her hair and disguising herself as a delivery woman, she delivers the bombs disguised as packages addressed to her next victim. With every successful bomb threat, she deposits a fixed amount into Stephen's bank account. ($5.000) the last deposit was ($10.000)


Up until the time when Naomi begins pursuing Sandra, her targets were a politician, a singer, and athlete Aidan Posner. However, at this time, while she was attempting to go after Naomi, Stephen began to blackmail her. As a parting gift, she left Stephen with twice the normal deposit (for two bomb threats), and proceeds to send a bomb to him.

The Raging Bomber

As Naomi is partway into solving the case, Sandra delivers a package to her, containing a teddy bear and a note that was supposedly from Gabriel Cunningham. Naomi soon discovers that by signing the package, her hand has the same carbon dust which was identified on the previous bomb victims, and quickly deduced that the teddy bear is a bomb. She was too late, though, as Alyssa Breslin, who was with her at the time, had already taken the teddy bear with her. The bomb detonates, severely injuring Alyssa and destroying her home.

Despite the various misdirections that Sandra had set up, Naomi managed to figure out her identity and locate her home. However, Sandra had already anticipated this, and locks Naomi in her room, with four bombs wired to explode, unless Naomi successfully contacts the phones attached to them. When Naomi successfully disarms the bombs, Sandra admits defeat. However, it turns out that she had another trap set - a teddy bear similar to the one she received had another bomb hidden inside, set to detonate once Naomi opens the door. Naomi disarms the detonator, and goes after Sandra.

As it turns out, Sandra had planned to commit another bombing at Portland Airport, with her next target as the country's First Lady who was arriving at that location. When Sandra is confronted, it is discovered that her motive is to cause as much destruction as possible, otherwise "Rosalia will kill [them] all". She then is laughing sadistically and after that she's screaming from the pain. She purposely let the Detonater drop commiting a kamikaze attack since she and 2 security members are exploding. Weird is that Naomi didn't get hit by the bomb because she was very close to Sandra at the time the detonator was dropped.


Sandra is voiced by Laura Bailey.