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Robert Hoffman
Occupation Surgeon (retired)
Japanese Name Kitazaki Iichirou (北崎威一郎)
Age 62 (Under the Knife/Second Opinion)
65 (Under the Knife 2)
Eyes Unknown
Family Unknown
Friends Richard Anderson
James Pierce
Affiliates Caduceus USA
Hope Hospital (formerly)

"If you pursue this power, yes, you will become an unparalleled surgeon. But are you prepared for the pain that it will bring you?"

— Robert Hoffman talking to Derek Stiles after revealing his Healing Touch.

Dr. Robert Hoffman is the Director of Hope Hospital and was eventually promoted to become the Executive Director of Caduceus USA. Stated to be an incredible surgeon in his youth, possessing the rare Healing Touch, he eventually retired from surgery after failing to save a patient with it.





Robert was the director and founder of Hope Hospital, the same hospital in which Derek Stiles completed his residency. During his days as a surgeon, he discovered that he held a mysterious power that allowed him to perform surgical feats, which he named the Healing Touch. Despite that, an irreversible incident occurred that caused him to give up surgery for good. Although the incident is never explained, it can be inferred that although he possessed the Healing Touch, there was a patient he couldn't save due to an accident which occurred during his use of the Healing Touch, which caused him to abandon it for good.

Upon discovering Derek's Healing Touch, he warns Derek that his hands would become 'heavy' and of the pain that his Healing Touch would bring. His reason to become a doctor was the same as Derek's, and after the death of Richard Anderson, he became the Director of Caduceus USA.

In the finale of Trauma Center: Second Opinion, Robert becomes infected with Mutated Savato, and both Derek and Naomi Kimishima save him using their Healing Touches and Robert Hoffman survived to continue being director at Caduceus.

Etrian OdysseyEdit

Dr. Hoffman is also featured as a character in Etrian Odyssey for the Nintendo DS. His role is being the chief of the apothecary in the main town of Etrian. He revives dead party members and sells healing items. His appearance remains largely similar to the way he looks in Under the Knife.


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