Resurgam First Care

Resurgam First Care is the main organization in Trauma Team, being one of the finest emergency hospitals in the United States.

Resurgam, meaning "shall rise again" in Latin, provides medical services of all kinds, specializing in emergency responses.

Resurgam's location is suggested to be in Portland, Maine.Characters refer to the city they are in by name, and several other locations near the city are mentioned in various scenarios, including Back Cove, Peaks, and Chebeague, all which are locations in Maine close to the city itself. In addition, the city's real life motto is Resurgam.

By the end of Trauma Team, Resurgam had become notable for eliminating the Rosalia Virus.


It is assumed that, aside for the First Response team, staff in Resurgam are not divided into traditional offices based on specialty, but rather on a random, balanced group of individuals of multiple professions. This is due to the absence of interactions of doctors in the same profession. Trauma Team focuses on a group of six doctors, five of whom work in this medical center.

Name Rank Joined/Left Information
Esha Patel Chief Joined prior to 2020 Esha was employed as a chief prior to 2020.

Tomoe Tachibana

Endoscopic Surgeon Joined prior to 2020 Dr. Tachibana was employed as an endoscopic surgeon prior to 2020.

Hank Freebird

Orthopedic Surgeon Joined prior to 2020 Dr. Freebird was employed as an orthopedic surgeon prior to 2020.

Gabriel Cunningham

Diagnostician Joined prior to 2020 Dr. Cunningham was employed as a diagnostcian prior to 2020.
RONI Diagnostician Assistant Joined during 2020 RONI was set up in Resurgam to assist Dr. Cunningham.

Maria Torres

Paramedic Joined prior to 2020 Dr. Torres was employed as a paramedic prior to 2020.
Darnell Sellers Nurse Joined prior to 2020 Darnell was employed as a nurse prior to 2020.
Emma Wilson Nurse Joined prior to 2020 Emma was employed as a nurse prior to 2020.
CR-S01 General Surgeon Joined during 2020 CR-S01 was employed as a surgeon during 2020 to reduce prison sentence.
Naomi Kimishima Assistant Joined during 2020 Originally from the C.I.F.M, Dr. Kimishima assisted Resurgam in finding a cure for the Rosalia Virus during the outbreak.
Left during 2020
Holden Supervisor Joined during 2020 Holden supervised CR-S01's operations.


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