"These GUILT are my children... Let's see you try to rebel against their might!"

Reina Mayuzumi is the president of Acropolis Pharmaceutical in Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2 who tries to tempt Derek into leaving Caduceus USA to work for her.

Reina uses Aletheia, explaining her youthful appearance even though she is really 35. In Mother of Sins and X7, claims that GUILT are "her children".

Reina starts by getting Derek to do a puzzle with amino acids and monitoring him during an operation to obtain his Healing Touch to provide the HOA with artificial Healing Touches.

Later in the story, Reina is abducted by Delphi, infected with Pempti treated by Derek and Angie.

Reina aging

Reina aging

Reina aged

Reina aged

During the raid on the Palmwood Plant, Derek and Angie come across Reina, wirelessly connected to a series of tanks. She explains that Aletheia is the secret to her appearance and glorifies the Neo-GUILT, calling it 'perfect', and offers to furnish all of her GUILT data in return for her freedom. Derek declines, and she taunts him, telling him that if she is removed from the plant against her will or killed, the plant will release a mist of GUILT, fatal to all who have incompatible DNA. Patrick injects a serum to activate Aletheia, hoping that the results could provide a way to revive his wife. The serum causes Reina's Aletheia to react violently and attack her body, causing Reina's body to age dramatically. Derek proceeds to treat her immediately and he succeeds. Afterwards, Reina seemingly returns to her youthful apperance, but it is unknown how.

Like Heinrich von Raitenau in X1, X2 and X3 and Patrick Mercer in X4, X5 and X6, she is present to taunt the player during X7 as Aletheia has some meaning to her.


  • Reina has a Japanese last name, so one could assume that she is of Japanese heritage.
  • Reina is the only person in the entire series to be operated twice in the same game, and that both of the operations invloved GUILT.