The fissure on the liver.

Post-Pempti is the PGS that affects past Pempti hosts.

Post-Pempti has only been known to be on liver.

Pempti attacks the lung as well, so it is possible if Post-Pempti can occur on the lung.

The only Post-Pempti seen is on Emilio Juarez, a past Pempti Sinner.


  • A giant fissure on the liver.
  • Internal bleeding in the liver.
  • A severe case of Hepatitis.


Fissure & Internal BleedingEdit

The giant fissure is the main effect of Post-Pempti. To treat it, first drain the blood around the fissure, then apply several synthetic membranes to it. Do this quickly, as the synthetic membranes must all be sealed at once, and any bleeding will cause membranes to fall off.

After treating the fissure, the membranes will fall off again, and internal hemorrhages would be detected. Seal the fissure again, then move on to treat the hemorrhages. Vitals will plummet as you cut out each hemorrhage, so remember to sustain the patient and counter the toxicosis.

From time to time, the host will also suffer from heart problems, and can enter cardiac arrest. Keep an eye on the the vitals - if it turns yellow while the vitals are still above 50, this is your cue to stop operating and wait for the abnormalities to pass or for cardiac arrest to occur.

General TipsEdit

To keep the membranes from falling off, activate your Healing Touch as soon as you get inside of the patient. Drain all the blood quickly and apply the membranes. When it ruptures again you should still have alot of Healing Touch time left. Use this time to apply the membranes again. This will keep you out of the trouble of the membranes falling off if you aren't fast enough.

Using the Healing Touch not only allows you to complete the operation without wasting additional time on treating cardiac arrest more times, but is necessary for the operation's time bonus, where you need to complete with over 4 minutes left on Hard.


  • Post-Pempti is identical to Koshiro Tsuji's two surgeries following a car accident in New Blood.