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Three years after the GUILT outbreak, many cured GUILT hosts start to show symptoms, and these have some common characteristics, such as toxicosis on the attacked organ. This was named Post-GUILT Syndrome or PGS for short.

Over the course of Under the Knife 2, Caduceus USA and Acropolis Pharmaceuticals struggle to try and devise a consistent way of curing PGS. Acropolis develops a serum that can treat GUILT and PGS, though the serum only activates dormant GUILT.

It is unknown whether or not Neo-GUILT causes PGS.


PGS covers the organ with toxicosis. When it is in full effect the organ will turn dark purple. Vitals will decrease, and any attempt to inject the stabilizer will result as a miss.

Victor will give you a sedative, and injecting enough into the organ will temporarily suppress toxicosis. The only way to fully cure the toxicosis is to cure the PGS.

Types of PGSEdit

There are currently 4 known types of PGS that have been attributed to a certain GUILT, Kyriaki, Triti, Pempti and Savato.


PGS Organ Information
Post-Kyriaki Lung Tumors and pus will be in the lung. If the pus is left untreated, it will cause inflammations. The removal of the tumors is identical to that of normal tumors, but the only difference is that after using the forceps to remove the tumor, a pool of pus will form in the wound
Post-Triti Stomach Remains of Triti thorns buried in the stomach. The thorns must be removed by draining the pool of blood over the incision point, incising along the incision point, draining the blood pool that forms, removing the Triti thorn with the forceps, draining the blood pool that forms, and either suturing the wound or placing a synthetic membrane.
Post-Pempti Liver Hepatitis on the liver, and the result is a large fissure on it. To treat the wound, the pools of blood must be drained from the fissure, synthetic membranes must be placed in the correct positions, and must be covered with antibiotic gel before the wound starts bleeding again. Immediately after successfully completing the process, all patches fall off. This is due to the fact that there are hemorrhages underneath the surface of the organ. To get rid of the hemorrhages, use the ultrasound to locate, create an incision with the scalpel, drain the blood pool, and suture the incision. After all hemorrhages are taken care of, the process used to take care of the fissure before the hemorrhages is repeated.
Post-Savato Heart Post-Savato-tumors on the heart. While they are blue, they can be treated like normal tumors, but will leave scars. If they are touched while they are red, a gas outbreak will occur, causing blood pools and inflammations to form on present scars. Once done with the Post-Savato-tumors, a final one will appear, blinking much faster than the others. The Healing Touch will be needed to cure this.

PGS Operations Edit

Game Episode Host Organ Type
Second Opinion Z-2: Miracle Unnamed man Large intestine Unknown
Under the Knife 2 2-2: PGS John Matthews Stomach Unknown
2-3: To Live On Linda Reid Right lung Post-Kyriaki
2-5: Sinner Emilio Juarez Liver Post-Pempti
4-7: Blackwell Kenneth Blackwell Heart Post-Savato
4-9: The Touch
5-1: The HOA Ann Haines Stomach Unknown
6-1: A New Ally Thomas Hughes Stomach Post-Triti

Unidentifed PGSEdit

There are 2 types of PGS that have not been identified which GUILT caused it.

These are possibly missing Post-Deftera, Post-Tetarti and Post-Paraskevi as all the other GUILT have identified PGS. However, SO's Z-2 and UtK2's 2-2 are very similar, possibly the same.

Episode Information Organ Possible causes
SO: Z-2 "Super-tumors" which are supported by the surrounding blood vessel. In this case, toxicosis isn't there. Large intestine Kyriaki, but this doesn't resemble Linda Reid's Post-Kyriaki
UtK2: 2-2 The same "super-tumors" as above, but with toxicosis. Stomach Kyriaki, but this doesn't resemble Linda Reid's Post-Kyriaki
Triti, but this doesn't resemble Thomas Hughes' Post-Triti.
UtK2: 5-1 Extreme number of tumors located in the stomach (usually 7-13), accompanied with hemorrhaging and cardiac arrest. Stomach Kyriaki, but this doesn't resemble Linda Reid's Post-Kyriaki
Triti, but this doesn't resemble Thomas Hughes' Post-Triti.

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