Leslie Sears
Trauma-center-second-opinion-20060925094610231 640w
Occupation Nurse
Alias Leslie
Japanese Name Itou Yuno (伊東優乃)
Age 29 (26 in Under the Knife)
Eyes Light Brown
Family U/A
Friends Derek, Angie, Tyler Chase, Amy Chase
Affiliates Caduceus USA

Leslie in Under The Knife

"C'mon, you need to be positive in times like these!"

Leslie Sears (joined Caduceus in 2012), is one of Caduceus' nurses featured in Trauma Center: Under the Knife, Under the Knife 2, and Second Opinion. She is almost always upbeat and jovial. Her positive attitude filters throughout the hospital, making her a popular nurse among patients.

She spends a lot of her time helping Dr. Chase, and she continues to help him in Under the Knife 2. She has also looked after Dr. Chase's sister, Amy.


  • Leslie shares her first name with another nurse in New Blood (Leslie Newman).