Dr. Leonardo Bello
Occupation General surgeon
Alias Leo
Japanese Name レオナルド・ベロ
Age 32
Eyes Brown
Family Unknown
Friends Unknown
Affiliates Wish Come True: Miracle Surgery

Dr. Leonardo Bello is the star surgeon in the fictional television show "Wish Come True: Miracle Surgery!" He attended the same medical school as Dr. Tsuji.

Leonardo is very overconfident and cocky; he possesses the Healing Touch to block out all distractions, allowing him to operate on four aneurysms in about four seconds.

Leonardo criticizes Caduceus for being wasteful of tax-funds and lack of results in the medical field, and criticizes Markus and Valerie of being slow.

Even with his skills and Healing Touch, Leonardo couldn't cure Ops in an infected patient. He collapses after overusing his Healing Touch, leaving Markus and Valerie to finish his operation.

Leonardo is voiced by Derek Stephen Prince in the English version.


  • Leonardo's name is Italian (like "Leonardo da Vinci") and his surname means "handsome" in Italian.

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