Occupation None
Alias None
Japanese Name Kofi (コフィ)
Age Unknown
Eyes Brown
Family Parents and siblings in home village
Friends Unknown
Affiliates Razu Tribe

Kafi is one of the patients in Under the Knife 2. He lives in Costigar, and was used by the Razu Tribe as a child soldier.

When Derek Stiles and Angie Thompson were working in Costigar, Kafi was brought into the medical camp. After realizing that he was brought into a camp belonging to the Dal Tribe, he took Angie hostage and demanded to be released from the camp. Adel Tulba then convinced Kafi that the civil war in Costigar has ended and he did not need to fight for the Razu Tribe anymore.

Kafi shortly releases Angie, but right afterwards he passes out, and begins showing symptoms of the Costigar Disease, with hemorrhaging underneath his skin. Derek begins to treat the disease afflicting Kafi, but as the hemorrhaging gets worse, he demonstrates his Healing Touch in order to fully treat the child.


In the operation briefing, Kafi's last name is Mugabe.

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