Heather Ross
UTK2 Heather
Occupation Nurse
Alias Unknown
Japanese Name Ayaka Isshiki (一色綾香)
Age 21
Eyes Brown
Family Patrick Mercer (father)
Tracy Mercer (mother)
Emilio Juarez (adopted brother)
Friends Derek Stiles
Angie Thompson
Emilio Juarez
Affiliates Unknown

"It isn't easy to keep living when you have to face such a painful past every day. In that respect, I think [Angie has] a wonderful father."

Heather Ross is Emilio Juarez's personal nurse. She worked at Elysium for a time before transferring to Caduceus USA, and then the Caduceus USA East Branch.

She holds the same International Nursing License as Angela Thompson.

Appearances Edit

Design Edit

Heather has dark hair, and is noted as appearing very young. She wears a long-sleeved, dark blue coat with a white collar, and a red and white tie. A wristwatch is on one of her arms, and she carries a clipboard.

Personality Edit

Beginning early in the game, Heather is shown to be compassionate and kind. She cares very deeply about Emilio.

Hardworking and determined, she takes her job seriously.

Profile Edit

Under the Knife 2 Edit

Heather is first introduced in episode 2-5, along with Emilio. She has several conversations about his recovery with Derek and Angie.

When a Kyriaki outbreak occurs at Elysium, she and Emilio are both infected, and each pleads for Derek to operate on the other first. Heather falls unconscious shortly afterwards; Derek decides to operate on her first as he believes Emilio's antibodies from previous GUILT infections will help him hold on. Heather and two other patients are saved, but at the expense of Emilio's life. When she finds out, she reacts tearfully, unable to handle the news.

Later, Heather reappears and apologizes for her outburst. She applies to work at Caduceus USA, and is accepted quickly. Soon afterwards, she assists Derek with an operation when Angie isn't available to help him. They manage to complete the procedure despite having no stabilizer and very little antibiotic gel.

She reappears during the Tetarti outbreak, and again assists Derek, this time at Angie's recommendation (since Heather has never dealt with GUILT before). The situation makes her nervous, but she pulls through with a little encouragement.


  • Heather, along with Adel, were referenced to in Trauma Team, when Maria Torres and CR-S01 visit the orphanage Maria lived in when she was a child. There Maria found a letter from a girl named Rosalia, but not before sorting through some of the other letters. Two of them were addressed to "Ross" and "Adel".
  • It is assumed that Heather did in fact transfer to Caduceus USA East Branch at the end of Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2, although she is never encountered over the course of Trauma Center: New Blood. She could still be working there during the course of the game unseen reasoning that TC:NB was produced a year before TC:UtK2, so her artwork wouldn't have existed at the time that New Blood was made, but due to her nature as a fairly prominent character, it's much more practical to assume that she left Caduceus USA East Branch at some point in between 2021 and 2028.