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|japanese = エミリオ・フアレス
|japanese = エミリオ・フアレス
|age = 14 (UtK)<br>17 (UtK2)
|age = 14 (UtK)<br>17 (UtK2)
|family = Unknown
|family = [[Heather Ross]] (adopted sister)
|eyes = Brown
|eyes = Brown
|friends = [[Heather Ross]]<br>[[Derek Stiles]]<br>[[Angela Thompson]]
|friends = [[Heather Ross]]<br>[[Derek Stiles]]<br>[[Angela Thompson]]

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Emilio Juarez
Occupation Sinner (formerly)
Alias Sinner
Japanese Name エミリオ・フアレス
Age 14 (UtK)
17 (UtK2)
Eyes Brown
Family Heather Ross (adopted sister)
Friends Heather Ross
Derek Stiles
Angela Thompson
Affiliates Unknown

Emilio Juarez was abducted from Mexico and left orphaned.

Emilio died from Kyriaki when Derek could not rescue him. He was cared for by Heather and resided in Elysium.


Emilio was abducted from Mexico as a child and used by Delphi as a Sinner. Emilio was a Pempti Sinner. He was cured by Derek during a raid of Delphi's headquarters.

Three years later, Derek cures Emilio's Post-Pempti and performs a liver transplant on him, as his liver was severely damaged during the operation. During the liver transplant, Emilio gets infected with Nous, but Derek is able to eradicate it.

Emilio dies after being infected by Kyriaki. He sacrifices his life for Heather, claiming he has GUILT antibodies that make him less prone to death. Derek's over-confidence in his Healing Touch also contributes to Emilio's death when Derek treats three others before Emilio, thinking the Healing Touch would let him save them all. Although all of his coworkers agree that he made the right call, his regret for Emilio's death leads to his collapse and the loss of the Healing Touch, thanks to his dependency on it.


  • Emilio was afflicted with the most strains of GUILT and Neo-GUILT, having been infected with Pempti, Post-Pempti, Nous and Kyriaki.
  • Emilio said that he could resist the Mutant Kyriaki infection because he has developed GUILT antibodies from his time as a Sinner. However, his failure to survive could be attributed to the fact that his antibodies are meant for an entirely different GUILT strain (Likely Pempti).
  • In the Spanish version of UTK2, it is stated that Emilio is from Brazilian heritage.

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