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Cybil Myers
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Occupation Anesthesiologist
Alias The Iron Vixen
Japanese Name Myoujin Sayaka (明神さやか)
Alias: Iron Lady (鉄の女)
Age 34 (UtK and SO)
37 (UtK2)
Eyes Brown
Family Greg Kasal (spouse)
Sidney Kasal (brother-in-law)
Kari (daughter)
Friends Derek Stiles
Angie Thompson
Sidney Kasal
Victor Niguel
Tyler Chase
Leslie Sears
Mary Fulton
Affiliates Caduceus, Hope Hospital

"They don't call me the 'Iron Vixen' for nothing!"

Cybil Myers was employed as an anesthesiologist at Caduceus. She's respected by the rest of the staff because of her judgment and grace under pressure, which she acquired during her years as a police officer. Her tough personality has also earned her the nickname "Iron Vixen."




Under the Knife/ Second Opinion

Cybil assists Dr. Stiles in the defusing of a Time Bomb during a terrorist attack on the Angeles Bay Conference Center. She is also the first to be infected with Paraskevi while chasing Kenneth Blackwell during a break-in by Delphi.

Under the Knife 2

In Under the Knife 2, she is married to Greg Kasal, works at Hope Hospital, and has a baby called Kari. She is one of the few doctors who still believes in Derek after he loses his Healing Touch.



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