Claire Blunt
Claire Blunt
Occupation Unknown
Alias Unknown
Japanese Name Kurea· Buranto


Age 20
Eyes Violet
Family Unnamed mother
Unnamed father
Friends Hank Freebird
Affiliates Unknown

Claire Blunt (2000-?) is a minor character from Trauma Team and a recurring character in Hank Freebird's storyline.

She was first met operated on after a suicide attempt. Hank managed to save her life, but she gets angry that her plan failed and became rather cautious with Hank's presence. However, she warms up to Hank, but she still exhibits a desire to die.

Later on, when Claire and Hank went shopping together, a man began shooting innocent people, with Claire being one of the victims. Before Claire went unconscious, she told Hank that she always wanted to die, but she soon realizes she wanted to live after all. Hank believed that Claire's life got cut short and was filled with sadness and frustation. To avenge her, he confronts the man (Hiro Mizuno) responsible for victimizing Claire. It is revealed that Hiro is going to die of an untreated bone cancer soon, which led him to shoot innocent people. Hiro later jumped off from two stories, breaking his bones. Hank operates on Hiro regardless of the controversy formed from trying to save the 'villain', with Esha as his assistant. Hank repairs Hiro's bones along with extracting the tumors from his bone cancer.

After saving Hiro, Hank finds out from Gabe that Claire was saved by Maria and went searching for her. He meets up with Claire and not only does she realize that life is wonderful, but she also got over the darkness that shrouded her and never tried to kill herself again.


  • At one point, Claire mentions that her father cheated on her mother and Claire began to distrust men. This may explain why she tried to commit suicide and why she didn't trust Hank in the beginning.
  • Claire shows several hints that she has affection for Hank; the most significant factor being that she constantly asks Hank to go shopping with her.

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