Chloe Nichols is a patient of Dr. Vaughn and Dr. Blaylock  who was in need of a replacement pacemaker. She was a practice patient for Professor Wilkens' operation. She appears as the patient in Episode 2-2 of Trauma Center: New Blood.

Surgery StepsEdit

  • 1. Make the incision.
  • 2. Cut the wires from the heart using the scalpel.
  • 3. Remove the wires using the forceps.
  • 4. Remove the pacemaker.
  • 5. Place the new pacemaker.
  • 6. Place wires into pacemaker
  • 7. Make incisions in the heart.
  • 8. Put the wires in the incision and suture them closed.
  • 9. Suture her up and bandage her (don't forget the antibiotic gel).
  • remember to massage the heart whenever she goes into cardiac arrest by pressing A and B when the hands match.


  • She was a practice patient for Professor Wilken's operation.
  • She seems muscular for her age if you look closely before cutting her open.

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