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Angela Thompson
Occupation Nurse
Alias Angie
Japanese Name Tonegawa Ange (利根川アンジュ)
Age 21 (Under the Knife/Second Opinion)
24 (Under the Knife 2)
31 (New Blood)
Eyes Light green
Family Kenneth Blackwell (father)
Unnamed mother
Friends Derek Stiles
Naomi Kimishima
Cybil Myers
Tyler Chase
Heather Ross
Leslie Sears
Victor Niguel
Adel Tulba
Sylvia Warenburg
Affiliates Caduceus USA

Angela "Angie" Thompson is a young nurse who is the main assistant to Dr. Derek Stiles in Trauma Center: Under the Knife and its sequel Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2. Owning an International Nursing License, she is a skilled and assertive nurse who possesses keen observational skills, often being a big help to Derek during surgery. Likewise, She started working started in Hope Hospital with Derek before eventually transferring with him to Caduceus.

Eventually in Under the Knife, it is revealed that her father was Kenneth Blackwell, a researcher working for Delphi, revealing her full name as Angela Blackwell.





At eight years old, Angie's father, Kenneth Blackwell, abandoned his family without providing a reason why. His absence greatly affected her.

Angie went to high school with Molly Swift and Michael Kobourne.

Angie's interest in her father's work inspired her to work in the field of medicine.

Under the Knife

During the events of Under the Knife, it was revealed that Angie was a potential candidate to become a Sinner for Delphi's experimentation, and Kenneth ended up working for Delphi in exchange for Angie's freedom.

Under the Knife 2

New Blood


  • In "Infiltration", Angie says she has studied Aikido.
  • In "Dark Gospel", it is revealed Angie was kidnapped by Delphi to ensure Kenneth's cooperation.
  • Angie strongly denies her feelings for Derek, but she isn't as focused when something happens to him.In Second Opinion, Angie continuously panics when Derek was infected with GUILT. Although there is no actual proof of a real relationship between them, Angie seems to care Derek's safety and well-being.
  • Angie is voiced by Wendee Lee, who voice characters such as Haruhi Suzumiya from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and Fuuka Yamigishi from Persona 3, another game made by Atlus.
  • In Trauma Center Under The Knife 2, Angie feeling jealous for Derek's conversation with Healther Ross and Reina.


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